Do you ever just want to explore something on your own? Like just get in your car or walk to whatever you want? Me too. Especially ever since I’ve gotten my license I’ve been doing that. Sometimes  after a long day I just want to get up and go somewhere. Kind of like Holden Claufield in , “The Catcher and The Rye.” He just got on a train and went to New York and did whatever the hell he wanted.

I’ll tell you that’s what I call freedom! Being free to just go from club to bar to hotel without any problem. Now I don’t go to bars or other things like that, but I’ll take myself to PCH and drive to see where it takes me. Or I just drive.

Throughout all these adventures you can feel like and start to become an adult. Now in Holden’s case that kind of put’s him in situations that he shouldn’t be involved in. Though you learn to take care of yourself.

I mean who’s gonna help you if you get lost? No one. Who’s gonna drive you? No one. Who’s gonna buy you dinner. No one. No one, but yourself. Now some people might find this scary, but to me it sounds like a blessing in disguise going on your own like this. It allows you to make mistakes. It allows you to hold your own hand and not expect other’s to hold it for you. After all, nothing last’s forever, so you got to know how to take care of yourself because the only one you can truly rely on is you.