Lana wasn’t the most popular girl in her 12th grade class, but she wasn’t unknown either. She was just Lana Ray Krane. She grew up in a middle class family as the oldest of four kids. All being brothers except her. So, you could say she was pretty tough. She did not take crap from anybody. Though even though she was hard on the outside she was very soft on the inside. The only person who really understood that about her was Ricky. Ricky and Lana had been friends ever since they met in preschool. Unknown to Lana however Ricky had loved her since the fifth grade when he could establish what those feelings meant. Ricky never stopped thinking about Lana. Whenever he saw her he couldn’t help but feel his heart beat faster and faster. He loved the way she stood, the way she fiddled with her hair when she was nervous and most importantly he loved her smile. Unfortunately for Ricky he knew he could not be with Lana. For she had had the same boyfriend for all of high school, Shawn. Ricky highly disliked Shawn because he was simply the worst human being that ever walked the planet, well in his eyes. To Lana she knew he could say hurtful things sometimes, but she loved him and simply couldn’t see the bad in him. Ricky was always the one Lana came to when Shawn hurt her. She would run to Ricky crying whenever he would shout at her. She would never cry in front of Shawn because he always told her that crying is for the weak and to not waste his time. One day Ricky was at home doing homework when he heard a chime from his phone, it read, “Lana.” Of course since it was her, right away he opened the text. “ I need to see you, something bad has happened with Shawn.” Of course without hesitation he responded, “ Alright, meet me at the park by my house in five.” He then jumped up, grabbed a jacket and ran to the park. As he approached the empty park he saw Lana sitting on the swings. Her back was to him and her head was down. “Hey! What’s going?” Her face was shadowed under her hair and from the dark night.” She sniffed her knows and wiped her face gently. She looked up and in the street lamp light he could see a swollen black and blue eye. Ricky couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Shawn had never gone this far before. He kneeled down in front of her and grabbed her hands. “Did he do this to you? I’m gonna kill him. What happened,” said Ricky. “ I broke up with him because I was tired of being hurt and he couldn’t take it so he punched me,” said Lana. “What an asshole I’m glad you got yourself out of it,” said Ricky. Lana then started speaking really fast. Almost as if she was hyperventilating , “I just wanted to say I’m sorry I put you through all this. I’m sorry I didn’t listen when you told me he wasn’t good for me. I’m sorry that I haven’t been a good friend and that I let him to be mean to you and,” suddenly without thinking Ricky just kissed her. After he pulled back slowly and they both opened their eyes simultaneously. “ You don’t need to be sorry for anything.” They both smiled.